Company overview

Every company has its own identity, the behaviors and values that make up the business DNA. At RSD Trust we have identified four behaviors that embody our values. These behaviors make up the strands of RSD Trust corporate DNA.

Our long-term success is heavily dependent on whether we can add sustainable value to our clients’ portfolios. This value primarily comes down to consistent performance, but also from our emphasis on quality across every aspect of our business – from client services to investment communications, from administrations to corporate governance. That is why we focus only on those markets, asset classes and strategies where we believe we have the resources to underpin such a commitment to sustained value and consistent results. We think carefully before entering new markets and we try to manage growth at a rate that does not compromise the standards we hold ourselves to.

RSD Trust encourages creativity and ingenuity in its processes, systems, products and services, striving to be the first to anticipate consumer needs, with the ultimate goal of providing its consumers, products and services beyond industry standards and exceeding expectations.

We believe in the importance and value of clarity, in all aspects of our company. Our teams of analysts are independently minded individuals who believe in thoroughness, technical competence and clear communications.

We expect everyone at RSD Trust to work to the best of their ability in the interests of our clients, investors and shareholders. We never sacrifice long-term goals for short-term gain, and we seek to set the standards in all aspects of the company. We have a strategy for growth based on achieving long-term results for our existing clients, whilst also improving the distribution and penetration of our products among new clients. To achieve our goals, we rely on attracting and retaining bright, motivated individuals, focused on working diligently, efficiently and with integrity. We look to nurture an environment for everyone that allows the people involved to progress and grow in every way.

We believe that our success is directly linked to the success we bring to our clients and investors, therefore we strive to perform at an optimum level in every way.

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  • 2011


    In 2011 we started to operate with only 40 clients on board and a very small team of 8 individuals determined to prosper.

  • 2012

    Slow growth

    With fluctuations of the markets we were not on our projected plan of growth so our team decided to explore alternative markets.

  • 2013


    We had an influx of new clients and our company had grown in every way and was now back on track with projections.

  • 2014

    More focus

    We started to see great results and many of our educated risks had paid off and we had successfully managed many portfolios.

  • 2015


    Our client base had seen growth that we had not anticipated and we now expanded our team to over 180 to accommodate the expansion.

  • 2016

    Award winning service

    We had now reached a stage that we were globally recognized and our services had received great honors.

  • 2017


    Our company was now managing an overall portfolio and asset base of over $2B and our customer retention had hit an all-time high.

  • 2018

    Continued success

    Our team globally had reached over 270 experts and we had already reached the most profitable year to date after just Q3.

  • 2019

    Outstanding Private Client Drive

    We achieved outstanding results for our newly acquired clients through our 2019 private client drive.

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