Private Equity

We seek to invest in quality assets with attractive valuations and use our strategic and financial expertise to add value. Private equity consists of equity and debt investments in companies, infrastructure, real estate and many other assets. After a suitable holding period we seek to monetize our investment at a premium to its acquisition cost, generating positive returns for its investors.
RSD Trust has developed a variety of private-equity methods that capitalize on an incorporated, worldwide system created to meet investor needs for an increasingly more varied and advanced investment solutions.
At RSD Trust we raise capital from a variety of institutional and individual investors. These investors are called limited partners (LPs). We invest the capital raised from LPs in private companies or other assets and manage those investments on behalf of the LPs.
Our team offers a series of exclusive positioning and related solutions. This includes fund placement, straight corporate resources raising (routes and also co-investments), and also additional services. Private equity is often categorized as an “alternative investment”, which typically denotes an asset class or strategy that is an alternative to the stock and bond portfolios traditionally used by investors

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